Company Overview

Centric Data (PVT) Ltd is a business initiative premised on creating value for clients through provision of services that allow for the ease of doing business. The company provides platforms to harvest data, store and manage it and also to get insights into the data to allow clients to make informed decisions.

Executive Summary

Centric Data is a team consisting of diverse, versatile and creative minds most of whom have been a part of successful project implementations. We believe in forming infrastructure and services that essentially benefit our clients, the environment and our country. Our thrust is that if we can learn it then we can do it and be it. We start projects and finish them through our sales and service-based approach. Centric Data has capable pre-sales and post-sales engineers who can walk with our client from project scoping, implementation and maintenance.

Our Mission

To provide business with the opportunity to create value from data, manage data and to be able to have comprehensive insights into that data to help organizations make key and informed decisions.


The core strength of Centric Data (Private) Limited lies in its ability to provide enterprise solutions to various market segments. Strong relationships with members across the region provide resources to meet any client’s ICT requirements, both locally and across the Southern African region. Local and regional knowledge of the markets provides Centric Data (Private) Limited with the ground expertise to navigate local and regional market complexities and ensures dedicated support and service delivery to our clients wherever they may be in the region.

Our Motto

We make it easier for you to run your business!

Our Values

Teamwork – We believe in synergy and respect everyone’s unique gifts to achieve mutual beneficial results.
Honesty – We are open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity at all times
Integrity – We always try to do the right thing first.
Excellence – We keep our word and do what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do
Commitment – We put our hearts to what we do, and we work until the desired outcome is realised.
Passion For winning -We strive for win-win situation and treat all our stakeholders as we want to be treated.

Our Strengths

• Single Point of Accountability of Multi-vendor Technology solutions and infrastructure

• Dynamic team with years of experience in ICT

• Solid infrastructure

• Experience in complex ICT project management

• Experienced professional services and ICT strategy consulting to ensure that the best possible solution is provided according to customer requirements

• Team of committed, skilled and broadly competent staff

• Commitment to deliver large ICT projects on time, according to specification, within budget and at the same time minimizing project risk

•Flexible support contracts, both standard and customized to meet needs and requirements of customers, Technical consultancy on enterprise projects requiring ICT infrastructure design, planning and implementation including networking (LAN and WAN), Data Centers and distributed client infrastructure

Our Skills


Microsoft Products






Mobile Apps